Food and Drink


  • Coffee & Tea

    Fresh hot brewed coffee, Jacksons Brew has four specialty blends made with 100% arabica beans. Find your brew and forge ahead.

  • Bigger Drink

    Cold Drinks

    Handle thirst like a boss with all your favorite fountain drinks. You can even try your hand at mixology of the carbonated kind with 4 different refreshing flavor shots.

  • Breakfast burrito


    It’s your insurance policy against the dreaded mid-morning energy crash. Break your fast and start the day out right.

  • Deli sandwich


    Sandwiches were invented with meals on the go in mind. Try an assortment of fresh meats, cheeses and breads crafted in a variety of delectable combinations.

  • Hotdog and hamburger


    Fresh off the grill and into local, handmade hotdog buns, individually wrapped for your convenience. Yeah, we thought that was kind of funny too.

  • Beef jerky and chips


    Munchies don’t punch a clock, nor do they keep regular hours. So when the cravings strike, we have a variety of snacks in all your favorite flavors—salty, savory, sweet, crunchy, chewy and don’t judge me.