Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

We updated Jacksons Let’s Go Rewards to better align with our customers’ evolving preferences and expectations, ensuring a more personalized and rewarding experience with richer rewards and a larger variety of options.

Clubs/punch cards have been discontinued from the Jacksons Let’s Go Rewards program as of April 10, 2024. You will be able to redeem popular items that were part of our previous punch card program (like coffee, fountain, and energy drinks) for free with your rewards stars.

At Jacksons, safeguarding our customers’ loyalty data is our top priority. We employ encryption measures and robust security protocols to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of customer information, adhering to strict privacy policies that prioritize data protection at every stage of our loyalty program.

Jacksons Food Stores recently transitioned to a new app and rewards program, effective April 10, 2024.
If your information was updated and accurate, all Stars should be transferred and upgraded.
When you download and activate your new account, you’ll receive 500 Bonus Stars to get started.
If you experience issues, please visit Let’s Go Rewards Support to submit your concern, or contact us directly at LetsGoRewards@Jacksons.com

Jacksons Let’s Go Rewards members will receive 10 stars per dollar spent on eligible items.

Many of our most popular rewards items have remained as an offering for redemption and a ton of new and exciting rewards items have been added – including a wider variety of healthy options and more. See our rewards catalog for details.  

Rewards can be redeemed through our new Four Tier star system.

Tier 1: 300 Stars | Example Rewards: Slim Jim, String Cheese, Keebler Krackers, Fountain Drink (Any Size)

Tier 2: 400 Stars | Example Rewards: Ramen Noodle Cup, Jacksons Candy Bar/Bag, Weird Tea, Blue Diamond Almonds, Orbit Gum

Tier 3: 500 Stars | Example Rewards: Hot Dog, Chex Mix, Jacksons Snack Cup, Regular Candy Bar

Tier 4: 600 Stars | Example Rewards: Red Bull, Liquid Death, Milk Gallon, Egg Dozen, Bread Loaf 

Provided a member has enough stars, stacking multiple rewards is also allowed.


Jacksons Food Stores has over 300 locations, serving a large portion of the Western USA. We offer convenience and quality every day. Why not earn and save when you buy the things you need in the moment?

Jacksons Let’s Go Rewards allows you to save and earn on every purchase – and get exclusive opportunities to win extraordinary prizes in our sweepstakes and giveaways.

Grab your favorite everyday goods and innovative new items, and gather stars each time you spend. 

Redeem your stars for a wide selection of items that’s always growing – or hold onto them to stack up savings for a rainy day.

Joining Jacksons Let’s Go Rewards is completely FREE. You’ll earn and save with every eligible purchase, not to mention all your chances to win. Start today with a simple signup.

We’ve done our best to answer lots of frequently asked questions here, so we encourage you to explore and learn more with this resource.

If you have additional questions, feel free to contact our support team at LetsGoRewards@Jacksons.com


You can enroll in Let’s Go Rewards by visiting https://app.jacksons.com and/or by downloading the Jacksons Let’s Go Rewards app in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. There will be a short process to setup your account and you’ll receive Bonus Stars just for enrolling.

You no longer need a physical card to access program benefits. You can access your account anytime with the Jacksons Let’s Go Rewards app, online at https://app.jacksons.com or with your phone number registered to your account. We no longer have physical loyalty rewards cards.

Creating an account with Jacksons Let’s Go Rewards is required to participate in program benefits. This allows us to attribute savings and Stars earned with each purchase. 

Jacksons may change, suspend, discontinue or cancel any aspect of the Program or your Jacksons Let’s Go Rewards account or balance at any time, including but not limited to rewards and star earning/redemption/usage methods, at its sole discretion and without notice to you. 


Earn 10 stars for every $1 you spend on eligible items.

Exclusions include the purchase of: Tobacco, Alcohol, Fuel, Propane, Prepaid Cards, Lottery, Postage, Publications, Car Wash, Automotive Products, Automotive Services, Tickets, and Store Services, such as Copy, Fax, Money Orders.

When you make a purchase and scan the barcode in your Jacksons app, or you enter the alt ID (phone number) tied to your account on the pin pad at checkout, you will earn Stars for the dollars spent on qualifying items in your basket.

The easiest way to keep track of your Stars in real time is to login to the Jacksons Let’s Go Rewards app. Your stars are displayed on the main screen. You’ll also find our catalog of eligible reward items, exclusive offers, and chances to win. 

Members can easily log in on the app or visit from a web or mobile browser at https://app.jacksons.com/ 

Yes, currently members are not eligible to earn Stars on purchases of Tobacco, Alcohol, Fuel, Propane, Prepaid Cards, Postage, Publications, Car Wash, Automotive Products, Automotive Services, Tickets or Lottery.

Please allow up to 24 hours to see Stars credited to your account.

Star expiration is tied to account activity. As long as you are actively using your Let’s Go Rewards account, you can keep and use your Stars indefinitely. However, if you are inactive for 90 days, your Star balance will expire in full.

No. Stars are only earned on eligible purchases made while using your Jacksons Let’s Go Rewards program.

We’ll have to learn more about your specific situation to understand what might have happened.

There are a number of items and categories that are ineligible to earn Stars, including Tobacco, Alcohol, Fuel, Propane, Prepaid Cards, Postage, Publications, Car Wash, Automotive Products, Automotive Services, Tickets and Lottery. 

If you believe you did not receive the correct amount of points, please visit Let’s Go Rewards Support – or contact us directly at LetsGoRewards@Jacksons.com. Please have your receipt available to verify your transaction.

Jacksons Let’s Go Rewards institutes rounding rules for star earning – we follow a standard rounding rules, anything .50 or above will round up to a full star, anything below will round down.

For example, if you make a purchase that totals $11.51 of eligible items, this would result in accumulating Stars on the rounded-up total of $12.00 – earning you 120 Stars. If you made a similar, eligible purchase totaling $11.49, the transaction would be rounded-down ($11.00) and you would be awarded 110 Stars for your purchase.

Stars are earned based on the total dollars spent on qualifying items. Stars redeemed on purchases will not result in Stars earned.

For example, if you choose to redeem Stars on a purchased item, the dollar value of that item is removed from your transaction and will not earn stars. If you redeem Stars for a portion of your purchase and have a remaining dollar balance paid for an eligible item, you will earn Stars for the eligible dollar amount spent.

We all make mistakes. If you forget to use your account to earn Stars, we’ll do our best to help make it right and get you the Stars you earned. Please visit Let’s Go Rewards Support – or contact us directly at LetsGoRewards@Jacksons.com and have a copy of your receipt available to verify the eligible transaction.

No refunds will be offered for items not discounted and Stars cannot be redeemed after a transaction is processed.


You can view a full catalog of eligible rewards that Stars can be redeemed for by logging into your Jacksons Let’s Go Rewards from the mobile app or on the web at https://app.jacksons.com. Simply select Rewards” and you’ll see what you’re eligible for – along with items you may still need to earn Stars for in order to redeem.

Login to your account and select “Rewards”. You can then review all the redeemable reward items you are eligible for.

When viewing an item you’d like, you can select “Redeem” to load the item to your account. When you get to the store, just scan your Let’s Go Rewards barcode or enter your phone number on the pin pad at checkout to redeem the item(s) you selected from the catalog.  

The item you chose to redeem will stay loaded to your account for up to 48 hours. If you do not redeem the item you loaded within 48 hours, you will have to reload it to your account to successfully redeem it.

Tobacco, Alcohol, Fuel, Propane, Prepaid Cards, Postage, Publications, Car Wash, Automotive Products, Automotive Services, Tickets and Lottery.


To redeem an exclusive offer, a member can pick up the eligible item and scan their Let’s Go Rewards app (or enter enrolled phone number on pin pad) at checkout to get the discount applied on the transaction.

Digital alcohol rebates (Cash App Offers) are not discounted at the point of purchase. Discounts are processed as digital rebates that are awarded following transaction verification. Please see details on how to participate at https://jacksons.com/bybe 

You can view member exclusive offers in the web or mobile app.

When you find an offer or reward you’re interested select it to view the full offer details. To redeem or receive the discount selected, click to add it to your cart and it will be applied when you use Let’s Go Rewards on your next visit.

Login now at https://app.jacksons.com to view your eligible offers and rewards.

If you are opt’ed in to receive emails, push notifications, and/or text communications, you will be notified of top rewards exclusives and personalized offers. You can also check for active offers, rewards, and chances to win on the web or mobile app at https://app.jacksons.com

There are a few reasons this could be the case. Many offers are specific to a region or location. Other offers are personalized to you, based on your purchase history or other information you choose to share with us. This allows us to create offers and rewards for items you enjoy.

There are exclusive tobacco offers available in the app for those that are 21+. For those that do not yet have the app, you can download the app on Apple Store or Google Play Store or enroll on the web at https://app.jacksons.com 

After you are enrolled in the app, select Age Verified Offers. Complete a one-time age verification. Tobacco offers will be displayed.  

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